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Discover EFT tapping therapy for a calmer life

Photo of Julia Adams

Hallo, I’m Julia Adams, 


If you are reading this, I’m guessing all might not be well with you or with someone you love. As an EFT Practitioner, I help clients resolve both emotional and physical issues quickly and effectively. Whether you want to resolve a specific problem, or simply learn how to become calmer and more focussed in your daily life, I can help you to achieve the lasting and powerful change you’ve been looking for.

Benefits of using EFT

  • Calms and balances the nervous system

  • Gentle (no needles!) 

  • No drugs

  • Safe

  • Proven 

  • Can be learnt (yet deep enough to deal with root causes) 




What is EFT?

EFT is an extremely gentle talking therapy with a physical element - tapping on specific acupressure points as we talk. It blends the most recent thinking in neuro-biology with ancient oriental energy pathways – known as meridians – to balance the nervous system and leave you feeling calm. It works. 
Find out more about EFT here

“It works like magic” M.H. – student

‘If you are having panic attacks try EFT, it can calm you‘
S.A. – recovering from PTSD

Emotional freedom technique is proven to be effective for - 


The pressures of life

Stress and burnout - Anxiety - Depression and low mood - Overwhelm - Exhaustion - Phobias

Emotional difficulties

Anger and rage - Grief and loss - Irrational fears - Weight issues & Cravings


Physical pain

Invisible illnesses e.g. CFS / Fibromyalgia - Pain with a suspected emotional cause - Pain with an inflammatory cause e.g. - Rheumatoid arthritis / Hip pain Chronic pain


Patterns of thinking

Negative Thinking - Negative patterns of behaviour - Unhelpful thoughts & Castrophosizing - Dealing with feelings around serious / chronic / invisible / termininal illness - Embarrassing or humiliating experiences that won’t fade



Panic attacks - Upsetting memories - Nightmares - Flashbacks - PTSD - Childhood trauma

Try EFT for yourself

EFT is a self care skill, based on tapping firmly on acupressure points on on one's own face and upper body when repeating certain statements. As a Practitioner I am able to teach you how to use it safely for your own self care.

This video is designed to give you an introduction to the Emotional Freedom Technique method (also known as 'Tapping'). 

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Having tried all sorts of counselling and self help I have to say that the work in these sessions has been deeper and the changes more profound than anything I have tried  before.

I have found working with Julia extremely useful. The mood is so much better, things are in perspective, and I feel I have more energy .... I am certainly not in that dark place any longer.

I was sooo nervous before our session, but I was amazing at the dentist! EFT absolutely worked for me. 

Thank you so much.



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