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“Losing the anxiety was like when you forget you’ve left the radio on, it has always been on in the background and getting used to it meant not noticing. Until one day, it’s not there any more"

R.M., Northampton (after 4 sessions)
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About me

When my children were young, and I was both overwhelmed and under-resourced to deal with what life had thrown at me and my family, it was EFT and meditation which succeeded where all else failed. After years of trial and error I found that mainstream talking therapies were helpful but did not go deep enough for me.  


So I qualified as a practitioner. Today, my family is intact and happy, and the children are well resourced and healthy young adults. We are still living in our self-built eco house and ready to do another one! 


Surprisingly for an intervention which directly, yet safely and naturally, treats the cause of both emotional and physical pain, EFT is still a well-kept secret. My own family is, however, living proof that Energy Psychology works.


With recognition from the charity PTSD (UK) that EFT is a safe and effective treatment for many conditions including anxiety, overwhelm and depression, why not try it for yourself? 

About Julia

Background and qualifications

My career is certainly not a standard psychological arc of progression.


I originally trained as a linguist (B.A. (Hons) French and German, Leic.), effectively studying the origins of Modern English, and importantly, how to professionally analyse and draw accurate conclusions from the language used in stories and literature - skills which I now bring to bear in my work helping clients to untangle their own stories for healing purposes. With an early career in international sales and management training, my non-standard background does mean I approach things differently at a time when many people are seeking less medicalised solutions to life’s challenges.


Now qualified in EFT, which has its origins in Neuro Linguistic programming, I bring my research on what works (and crucially what doesn’t) together with my linguist’s ear for not just what people say, but what they actually mean, and occasionally what remains unsaid. EFT helps clients find their own answers, and feel better not just now, but long after treatment has ended. 


My mission is now to help people discover its power. 


I work with adults over the age of 18 and have particular experience in anxiety, stress, overwhelm and procrastination. I also work with clients with chronic non specific emotional and physical conditions e.g. ME/CFS and Fibromyalgia.


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Client testimonials


FNW, Mental Health Nurse

Julia makes you feel at ease at all times.

C.C., Local Government Project Manager

Having tried all sorts of counselling and self help I have to say that the work in 

these sessions has been deeper and the changes more profound than anything I have tried before. 


Julia is generous with her time, with a great sense of humour and a gentleness 

that has put me at ease to speak freely no matter how weird it might seem - 

so unfiltered and un-judged I have been able to do the work needed 

efficiently and effectively.

V.L., NHS Nurse

I have found working with Julia extremely useful. The mood is so much better, things are in perspective, and I feel I have more energy .... I am certainly not in that dark place any longer.


Thank you so much for your insights and hard work. 

K.D., Senior Manager

I have been encouraged by Julia to explore some of the deeper reasons behind my less helpful emotions and have begun to be able to see the negative dialogue that I carry out within my head for what it is.  Most recently Julia helped me to prepare for a very difficult couple of weeks at work and through using a combination of EFT and visualisation techniques I was able to shift my anxiety and approach the week in a much calmer way.

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