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“I didn’t believe it would work, but now I know it does, because I tried it for myself”


R.M. Learning and Development Manager

About EFT

EFT (short for Emotional Freedom Technique) works with the human body to address the source of human pain - both emotional and physical. 


It gently helps the nervous system and the production of stress chemicals to calm down by effectively reversing the fight flight survival response with huge implications for the treatment of all conditions which are caused by an overactive nervous system and symptoms of feeling ‘always on’. You can read about its use in helping to manage and reduce stress in News Medical and  treating PTSD on the PTSD UK website.

While there is still much more to know about exactly how it works, studies suggest that by reversing fight flight freeze survival responses, and lowering the production of stress chemicals. EFT is also capable of bringing the immune system back into balance, damping down inflammation which is now considered to be behind most physical conditions.

Go to my FAQ page to find out more, or watch my video about EFT for physical conditions here.

EFT literally works on both physical and emotional pain. And when used correctly it is scientifically proven safe and drug free. Find out more about EFT research here and EFT further reading here.

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