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Learn to 'Tap and Breathe' for relaxation in under 10 minutes

Hi there,

I hope this message finds you enjoying the lovely autumnal weather? If you are now sorted for relaxing and meditating, then go ahead and get on with your day! I always wanted my posts to add value and be useful, so here is the first one in a while.

For many, relaxing in general and Meditation in particular can be hard to start, and hard to sustain. Thoughts whirring, time marching on. Stuff to get done etc etc. You have done the tapping routine before, but maybe not for a while, so here is a short video hack to help you rediscover a rapid way back into relaxation. If only for 10 minutes.


Why not tap and breathe along with virtual me - via a Video filmed in Randwick woods near Stroud.

I’ll be posting more stuff too, but only if it's useful and valuable. Feel free to share with a frazzled friend or neighbour.

All my best wishes to you

Julia Adams B.A. (Hons) Dip HRM, Cert EFT/AET

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