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EFT for Anger

To get livid, to vent one’s spleen, to see red, to have one's blood boil.

When people describe anger using words, the imagery is normally hot, red and with lots of explosive energy involved – like blowing a fuse for example. As a qualified EFT tapping therapist, with a background in modern languages, I am fascinated with how we use language to express feelings.

We all know when we get angry, it is normally fairly obvious, but how many of us have stored anger from years ago somewhere inside of us yet have not yet managed to deal with it? Anger is often stored in the body – indeed the word ‘livid’ comes from the liver which is seen by acupuncturists and other practitioners of TCM as being intimately linked with anger. How many of us have blown our top at moments which we later regret? Unresolved anger is also thought to be responsible for many chronic health conditions such as high blood pressure.

EFT is a wonderfully effective way to safely to get our angries out, and actually have a bit of fun doing it at the same time. EFT helps us to quite literally get our issues out of our tissues. I was working with a psychologist client the other day to do just that, and the effect was to immediately lift her depression, (see my recent google reviews).

For more info on how to safely release stored anger and other unhelpful thoughts and feelings contact Julia Adams on 07794 534465 or send me a message here.


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