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EFT for Pregnancy and Birth

Resolving a memory of one’s own birth before one is due to give birth oneself is to my mind a gift to one’s children that is pretty hard to beat. This is exactly what happened in session

recently. Firstly, I need to point out that this resolution happened spontaneously, as for

most people ‘going there’ can be seen as pretty hardcore, but not this time and not for this


My client (a medical professional) who works with me so she can be fully present for her

own family and her patients had suggested that she would like to work with me on her own

difficult birth, which had involved forceps. My immediate reaction was that now might not

be a good time to look at this as the time leading up to a first birth is normally about

relaxation and pampering, however after a few weekly tapping sessions, in what started as a

seemingly gentle session (and which ended just as gently) I got a few surprises. The first was

when the lady started describing feelings such as being in a dark well and being pulled

towards the light then slipping backwards, the second was when she described a squeezing

type headache on either side of her head!

This spontaneous resolution of this memory of her own forceps delivery meant that this

lady was now better equipped to go through the natural process of labour in a more ‘present’

state because her own birth experience had been resolved. Working with EFT had allowed her

body and her mind to communicate and do what was needed to be done to prepare her to

welcome her own baby into the world. It was, and continues to be, a privilege and an honour to do this work.


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