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Fast & effective trauma support

I have recently, among many other EFT professionals, have been doing voluntary work for the organisation FAST Trauma Support which offers free EFT sessions for the COVID 19 frontline suffering from the effects of trauma such as PTSD from the pandemic. And, as the team themselves always benefit from coming together and sharing knowledge, we were absolutely delighted and honoured to do some training last week with a pioneer in effective trauma therapy Dr Lori Leyden PHd MBA.

Dr Lori Leyden has a doctorate in Psycho-immunology – the study of how the mind impacts on the physical immune system and has been working at the forefront of scientific research into EFT for many years. Recent studies have shown the capability of EFT to improve many aspects of the body’s immune system – we know how overactive nervous systems are for both mental and physical health. Dr Leyden has been successfully using the EFT method for over 18 years with the survivors of the genocide in Rwanda and more recently with the survivors of some school shootings in the USA. If you want to know more about her work, here is a link to her website, including a video of her work.

Of course, most people do not suffer from such extreme emotional distress. An effective treatment to help calm and balance us is out there already. EFT calms and regulates the body’s emotional responses restoring balance and health to those with less intense states of emotional dysregulation such as anxiety and depression too. So the more people who know about this the more people we can help.

Get in touch with me by phone on 07794 534465 or email on to find out more about trying EFT for yourself. You can also sign up to my mailing list here to get free EFT resources as well as news of upcoming opportunities and workshops

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