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The ultimate objective (Or ‘How will I know my goals are achieved’?)

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

The wonderful thing about EFT is that by calming down the nervous system, and removing the sting from negative thoughts memories and feelings, the executive function part of our brain located in the ‘frontal lobes’ then can start to improve and we become more resourceful, change our perspectives, thoughts and beliefs so they are more helpful and we begin to see a clearer way forward - and find it easier to take control of the pace and direction of our life.

Some clues you are closing in on your objectives:

  • Sleep is better and more nourishing

  • Overall energy levels are higher

  • More positive feelings

  • More of a sense of control

  • More head-space

  • A calmer sense of direction

  • Seeing more possibilities

  • More understanding of your own motivations and strengths

  • You no longer need (so many) coping strategies, because we will have identified and dealt with the root causes. Your relationships are calmer and happier because you are calmer and happier

  • Your perception of pain is lessened

You may even feel like reviewing / reducing your medication (but we always recommend you do this in collaboration with your doctor / consultant)

If your self sabotage is not completely gone, you may now be able see your ‘patterns’ more clearly and have both a game plan and proven skill well embedded in your muscle memory to remember to tap on it ‘in the moment’ and stop it from driving your life. Once EFT has completely removed all the roots of this issue, coping strategies should not be necessary – in fact, many people actually deny they ever had an issue in the first place! We ‘EFTers’ know this as the Apex effect…

A greater sense of forgiveness for ourselves when we fall short of our high expectations and judgments, and more likely to say…

“So I screwed up! I’m human…”

“Losing the anxiety was like when you forget you’ve left the radio on, it has always been on in the background and getting used to it meant not noticing. Until one day, it’s not there any more”

RM, Northampton (after 4 sessions)

Want to find out more?

Head over to my About EFT page, or contact me for a discovery call to see how I might help you.

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